Centrifuge evaluations discover zero-day vulnerabilities in automotive ECUs, connected medical devices, and IoT before the bad guys!

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Effectively Secure Firmware

"My team and I recently tested the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform on a select group of firmware images and found it be very impressive. The design of the tool and interface were well done and the reverse engineering of the images was flawless. Centrifuge gave us a deeper understanding on the security of our compiled images and it even helped one of our younger engineers learn about the vulnerabilities of certain function calls. Tactical Network Solutions has built a tool that will help companies across many industries effectively secure their embedded firmware."

Dave W., Icon Labs

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Companies rely on Centrifuge firmware evaluations to quickly identify vulnerabilities introduced by insecure coding practices, linking to flawed open source libraries or vulnerabilities introduced by the compilation process itself.

It's the roadmap to vulnerability discovery just before production and the final step in the embedded firmware development life cycle.

Does your company use and link to open source libraries in your firmware images? Do you know if the libraries themselves are secure?

How do companies and organizations use Centrifuge?

Many companies use vendor-provided firmware images in their products. Yet, they don't know if they're free from vulnerabilities that could - once integrated into their final product - put them at risk for attack and embarrassment.

Centrifuge evaluates only compiled firmware images with root filesystems. It does not need nor require access to source code!

Vendor Validation

Centrifuge evaluations can save significant time and money for governments, intelligence agencies, militaries and their contractors.

Rather than starting from ground-zero looking for vulnerabilities in a target's firmware, Centrifuge points to the exact binaries, and the function calls within those binaries, that could be exploitable.

Time is money in government circles, and Centrifuge is a time/money game changer.

Rapid Exploit Development

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Medical Devices

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